Steps to Integrate Yoga and Vipassana

Virtue, Morality, Compassion, Loving kindness is foundation of both yoga and vipassana.

You must give due attention to these aspect always.

Some of the simple initial steps for integrating yoga and vipassana are as follows:

  • Do free hand exercises (Asana) for one hour in the morning every day.
  • Do simple pranayam ( Vital energy channel purification process) for 30 minutes ever day after Asana.
  • Observe your breathing patterns from your nostrils
  • Put awareness on different componentss of your body from head to toe. For example, start from your eyebrow then come to forehead, then nose, ears, hands and in this way carry on till you reach your toes.
  • Observe sensation of each part of  your body. Avoid reaction to the sensations.
  • Do not pay attention to any one part of your body for a longer time
  • Do this observation activity daily at least  for 30 minutes.

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