Belly Breathing Kriya Yoga Meditation Technique

There are several kriya yoga meditation techniques. However, navel meditation kriya yoga is unique in many ways.

Few days back I was watching the breathing of a sleeping child. I noticed their chest doesn’t expand and contract the way an adult’s would. Their lower abdomen however does expand and contract with each breath. Indian Yogis speculate that lower abdomen is the source of our creative energy, the umbilical chord. Nevertheless, for those practiced in deep abdominal breathing, that same childlike energy and passion for life is present, and we can all relearn this vital skill.

In Hindu mythology, from the navel the lotus grows, and on the top of the lotus the Prajapati, the creator is in deep meditation. Through meditation he reaches his goal. Through meditation we can also reach our goal. The flow of current of deep navel meditation will guide us to where we are going.

When I focus my mind on the abdomen I find a rising movement and falling movement of air. When I breathe in the abdomen rises; when I breathe out the abdomen falls. So rising movement and falling movement is the primary object of my lower abdomen meditation.

Balance Yoga

Balance Yoga

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